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kraft cloud service create

Create a service group.

kraft cloud service create [FLAGS] EXTERNAL:INTERNAL[/HANDLER[+HANDLER...]]


# Create a service group with a single service listening on port 443 named "my-service"
$ kraft cloud service create --name my-service 443:8080/http+tls


-d, --domain strings Specify the domain names of the service
-h, --help help for create
-n, --name string Specify the name of the service
-o, --output string Set output format. Options: table,yaml,json,list (default "table")
-s, --subdomain strings Set the subdomains to use when creating the service

Options inherited from parent commands

--metro string Set the KraftCloud metro
--token string Set the KraftCloud token


The kraft cloud service create command can also be run as:


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