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KraftCloud Developer Documentation

KraftCloud is a next generation cloud platform based on unikernels and providing millisecond semantics:

  • Elimination of cold boots;
  • Autoscale and scale-to-zero in milliseconds;
  • Low price point;
  • High server density and low carbon footprint;
  • Fast, easy deployments.

Deploying an app on KraftCloud is as easy as:

Terminal window
# Install on macOS, Linux, and Windows:
curl -sSfL | sh
# Login to KraftCloud:
# Deploy your first application:
kraft cloud --metro fra0 deploy -p 443:8080 nginx:latest

Next steps

Jump to the Quick Start, and drop us a line on Discord should you have any questions (if you don’t yet have an access token/account, please fill out the beta programme sign up).