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kraft cloud scale init

Initialize autoscale configuration for a service group.

kraft cloud scale init [FLAGS] NAME|UUID


# Initialize an autoscale configuration
kraft cloud scale init my-service-group \
--master my-instance-name \
--min-size 1 \
--max-size 10 \
--cooldown-time 1s \
--warmup-time 1s


-c, --cooldown-time duration The cooldown time of the config (ms/s/m/h)
-h, --help help for init
-i, --master string The UUID or Name of the master instance
-M, --max-size int The maximum size of the configuration (default 10)
-m, --min-size int The minimum size of the configuration
-w, --warmup-time duration The warmup time of the config (ms/s/m/h)

Options inherited from parent commands

--metro string Set the KraftCloud metro
--token string Set the KraftCloud token


The kraft cloud scale init command can also be run as:

init, initialise, initialize, i

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