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kraft cloud compose up

Deploy services in a compose project to KraftCloud

Use an existing Composefile or docker-compose.yaml file to start a number of services as instances on KraftCloud.

Note that this is an experimental command and not all attributes of the Composefile are supported nor are all flags identical.

kraft cloud compose up [FLAGS] [COMPONENT]


# Start a KraftCloud deployment fully.
$ kraft cloud compose up
# Start a KraftCloud deployment with two specific components.
$ kraft cloud compose up nginx component


-d, --detach Run the services in the background
-h, --help help for up
-w, --wait duration Timeout to wait for the instance to start (ms/s/m/h)

Options inherited from parent commands

--file string Set the Compose file.
--metro string Set the KraftCloud metro
--token string Set the KraftCloud token


The kraft cloud compose up command can also be run as:


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